Testing to Verify the Weight and Purity of a Gold Bar

With the current gold prices many investors are taking additional steps to verify gold bar weight and purity when making an investment in this metal. There are several tests that can be used to evaluate a bar of gold and determine the exact weight and purity level. It is very hard to forge a gold bar but there have been reports of bars that were hollowed out and filled with tungsten in the United Kingdom and other countries.

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The first test involves getting a highly accurate weight for the bar. This is done using a set of scales that have been certified, and which can weigh a bar down to a fraction of a gram. If there are any improprieties then this may be shown just by weighing the bar. If another metal has been used to replace some of the gold then the weight of the bar will usually be off.

Density testing can also be used to determine the true gold bar weight of a product. Gold has a very high density, and is more dense than almost any other metal. Testing to determine the density of the bar can identify whether the gold bar is a good investment choice or something that should be viewed as suspicious. Only depleted uranium and tungsten can be used as a good substitute for gold. Depleted uranium is almost impossible to obtain because of the radioactive nature of this substance, which means that tungsten is the only metal that could be passed off as gold safely.

Hardness testing may also be performed, and this can help verify the purity level of the gold bar and ensure that the weight of the bar is made up of gold and not mixed with another metal element. Gold which has a high level of purity is actually soft, and can be dented using a fingernail or other object. If a bar does not pass a hardness test then investors should avoid the purchase.

Ultrasound testing may also be used to verify gold bar weight and purity. This advanced technology uses sound waves so there is no damage to the gold bar. This testing will show any air pockets, changes in density throughout the bar, and other suspicious aspects that may indicate that the bar is not what it seems.

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The Good Delivery System Offers Gold Bar Weight Verification

When it comes to gold bar weight the bars that use the Good Delivery system are normally trusted above all others. The Good Delivery system was developed to combat fraud and inconsistencies in the gold bar industry, and designed to help protect investors. When a gold bar is minted or created the bar is registered. This registration includes all of the important details about the bar including the exact weight, purity level, serial number, and other information.

When a Good Delivery gold bar is purchased the registration for the bar is updated in the system. The new information will include all of the relevant data like the registered owner of the bar, as well as the current weight and other factors. The system tracks each individual bar from one owner to the next, making sure that nothing changes every time the bar transfers from one owner to the next. This monitoring ensures investors that they are paying for a high quality gold bar that is exactly what is portrayed.

Any changes in the gold bar weight will be flagged by the good delivery system, and the changes will be carefully investigated. Since every owner of the bar is listed, and the bar is weighed each time it is bought or sold, the investigation can usually quickly identify any discrepancies and who caused the changes. This significantly lowers the risk to an investor who purchases one of the Good Delivery bars.

Many investors insist on only buying good delivery good bars because of the benefits that this system offers. Going online and buying gold bars from an unknown dealer or private individual can be very risky. You do not know whether you are actually getting a high quality bar of gold or a substandard product with a much lower value. This is never the case with the good delivery system.

Verifying the gold bar weight of any investment is very important. Right now gold has a market price over $1,600 per ounce, and this can be a significant motive for some dealers who are looking for large financial gains. If a bar of gold has a weight that is even a fraction of a gram off the financial cost can be substantial.

Available Weights for Gold Bar Investments

When it comes to buying gold bars there are two very important considerations, the gold bar weight and the purity of the bar. Both of these factors determine the actual value of a specific bar and can help any investor determine whether or not to invest. Gold bars can be found in amounts as small as a fraction of a gram, or as large as a 1,000 ounce institutional bar as a high end investment option. The largest bars are usually held by banks and other financial institutions, but many individuals around the world own 1 or more smaller bars.

In troy ounce weight you can find large gold bars available to individuals that weigh 400 ounces and 100 ounces. Small gold bars come in weights of 20 ounces, 10 ounces, 5 ounces, 2.5 ounces, 2 ounces, 1 ounce, 0.5 ounce, 0.25 ounce, and 0.1 ounce. With gram bars the available individual sizes are 3,000 grams, 1,000 grams, 500 grams, and many others that go all the way down to 0.3 grams.

In addition to the gold bar weight you also need to verify the gold bar purity before you invest in this metal. Gold bars can range in purity from 965% up to 999.9%, and this is used to help determine the value that each bar has as well. A 20 gram bar that is 999.9% pure will be worth more than a 20 gram bar that is only 999.5% pure, because the bar with the higher purity contains more gold even though it is a very small amount.

The fact that there are so many different sizes and weights for gold bars means that this investment option is open to anyone, no matter how small your investment budget can be. Many investor set aside a specific amount each month to invest in precious metals, and then periodically use these savings to purchase one or more bars as an investment.

The best gold bar weight can be different, depending on the circumstances and the goals of the individual investor. In some cases smaller bars may be the best choice, in others large bars can be purchased and make an ideal investment opportunity.

What Gold Bar Weight is Best for Investors?

There is a wide variety when it comes to gold bar weight, and this can leave many investors unsure and undecided. Gold bars can be found in both gram and ounce weights that vary, and in many different designs. The general classification of a gold bar is determined by the weight, with small bars being any that weigh up to and including 1,000 grams. Large gold bars are designated as any bar that weighs more than 1,000 grams.

Grams and troy ounces are not the only weight denominations used, although these are the most common in the USA and a number of other countries around the globe. In many parts of India and the Middle East gold bars are weighed in Tola, and in Taiwan and Hong Kong the standard weight unit for gold bars is the Tael. The Mesghal is the weight unit used in Iran, and in Thailand Baht is used to determine how much a gold bar weighs.

The right gold bar weight may be different for each investor, and will also be calculated depending on whether the investor is an individual or a large corporation or financial institute. Banks and many large companies invest in 400 ounce bars, 100 ounce bars, and 3,000 gram bars. Individual investors do not normally have the investment capital to cover the large expense that each bar represents though.

An investor should buy the largest bar possible within the available investment budget. If the budget for gold purchases is only $1,000 then it is not possible to buy even a 1 ounce bar and the investor may have to buy two or more smaller bars that are weighed in grams instead. This can mean a higher transaction cost, because the more a bar weighs the lower the mark up will usually be.

Choosing the right gold bar weight should only be done after some careful consideration. A diverse portfolio of holdings is important and gold should not be the only investment made. Carefully evaluate how much investment capital to use and then choose the largest bar possible that you can afford. This will keep your costs low while gradually building up your gold holdings without making your portfolio heavy in any single sector or investment type.

Gold Bar Weight Scams You Should Know About

For investors gold bar weight is a critical consideration, and is just as important as quality. There are some scams that investors should watch out for concerning the weight of gold bars which are being purchased. The upside is that the weight of a gold bar is very difficult to fake, because most metals which have the same density as gold tend to be more expensive so replacing the bar core with these metals would be financially disastrous.

Many gold investors insist on a number of tests, except in the case of gold bars that use the Good Delivery system. Good Delivery bars are tracked from one owner to the next and are registered in the system. This makes it very easy to determine if the bar has been altered in any way at all. Some dealers may try to shave small amounts of gold off of each bar, so that the minor weight change is undetected unless testing is performed but the value of the bar is diminished.

Most of the gold bar weight scams occur online. The availability of auction websites and online stores have increased the opportunities for scam artists and unsavory dealers. Never buy gold from a dealer or individual who has not been in business for several years, or from anyone who seems suspicious in the slightest. Using only reputable and proven dealers for gold bar purchases can minimize the scam risks and ensure that the weight you purchase is the weight that you receive.

A common scam involves selling gold bars online and using bait and switch. Pay very close attention to the terms, details, and products during any transaction. Some dealers may use unethical selling tactics. This can include advertising gold using a gold bar picture that does not represent the actual product or using confusing language and terms that are not clear.

With all of the scams and risks with gold bar weight how can an investor buy this metal safely? By doing all of the research possible about a company or individual, and then only dealing with trusted businesses that have a proven track record and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

The Weight of a Gold Bar Determines the Commission Paid

Many investors choose gold for a number of reasons, and the gold bar weight will help determine the commission that is paid during the transaction. Gold is a commodity,and the market price for this metal is not the price that an investor will pay to buy a bar of gold. The spot price, which is the base market price at the time of the transaction plus any commission charged by the seller, is normally based on the size and quantity of the order.

The general rule is that the commission charged is lower when the amount of gold purchased is higher. 1,000 ounce bars are usually the cheapest as far as commission goes but the total value of this sized bar may make it impossible for most investors. Financial institutions and large companies are the usual investors who can afford a bar of gold this size, especially when this metal is currently priced at market around $1,600 per ounce.

A lower gold bar weight will usually carry a higher commission, but this is usually the best option for individual investors. It is possible to find gold bars that weigh as little as 0.3 grams in some cases. Many sizes and weights are available for public trading and purchase, but the smaller the weight of the bar the higher the commission will be. For this reason it makes sense to purchase as much weight as you possibly can all at once to ensure the lowest possible commission paid on the investment.

Some investors may buy small bars more frequently and this can lower the total return of your investment. Buying gram bars will cost you more than buying bars that weigh at least an ounce. It may be better to invest in gold less often and save the frequent payments so that you can afford a larger weight and pay less of a mark up.

The gold bar weight is an important factor in determining the commission, but the quality and purity of the gold is also essential. Any bar should be at least 0.995% pure to be considered investment value. Some unscrupulous dealers may charge a much lower commission because the purity of the bar is not up to investment standards.

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Gold bar weight will depend on what size bar you decide to invest in.

We’ll help you make the best investment decision possible.

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